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The OmniLoco Foundation is a legal non-profit corporation focused on development of autonomous control hardware and software. It was established in 2011 by David Carlson and Angus Peart. Tau Labs is governed by the OmniLoco Foundation which manages all financial aspects of the project and maintains control over all resources. The Board of Directors of the OmniLoco Foundation currently includes: - Jose Barros - David Carlson - James Cotton - Vincent Kessler - Edouard Lafargue - Angus Peart - Kenn Sebesta - Stacey Sheldon


The mission of the OmniLoco Foundation is to provide a legal framework for fair and efficient management of the Tau Labs project. Please see our governance page for Foundation documents and Bylaws.

Tau Labs

Tau Labs is an Open Source project aimed to create high quality code for controlling multirotors and other UAVs. Please see our about page for a long description of our goals objectives. For a list of features of our software, please see this page. The developement is driven entirely by volunteers donating their time in pursuit of this goal. Tau Labs also has an active community and we invite you to drop into our IRC channel ( #taulabs) or forums.

Get Involved

The easiest way to get involved is contributing to the Tau Labs project. We welcome all people from a variety of technical and professional backgrounds. Common ways to contribute are to submit code for inclusion into the project, testing new features and releases, improving documentation, or answering questions from the community on the forum.